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Digital Fantasy (Digimon x Final Fantasy) logo by Kenliano Digital Fantasy (Digimon x Final Fantasy) logo :iconkenliano:Kenliano 3 2 Ariel and Dory: To Swim or Not to Swim? by Kenliano Ariel and Dory: To Swim or Not to Swim? :iconkenliano:Kenliano 13 9
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Avatar: Elements of Life :iconkenliano:Kenliano 2 2
Cunomon and Porpamon at the beach by Kenliano Cunomon and Porpamon at the beach :iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 0 Wallpaper: Keep writing! by Kenliano Wallpaper: Keep writing! :iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 5 Shuriyu, the Throwing Star Pokemon by Kenliano Shuriyu, the Throwing Star Pokemon :iconkenliano:Kenliano 3 0 Self-portrait 2 by Kenliano Self-portrait 2 :iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 5 Self-portrait 1 by Kenliano Self-portrait 1 :iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 5 FocusWriter Custom Theme by Kenliano FocusWriter Custom Theme :iconkenliano:Kenliano 0 1 Upside down because why not? by Kenliano Upside down because why not? :iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 2 Old DBZ Character: Kento by Kenliano Old DBZ Character: Kento :iconkenliano:Kenliano 2 2 Princess Saara, made by a Senshi Maker by Kenliano Princess Saara, made by a Senshi Maker :iconkenliano:Kenliano 0 0 Sailor Philiopa, made by a Senshi Maker by Kenliano Sailor Philiopa, made by a Senshi Maker :iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 0
Sailor Philiopa: Surge of the Lifestream
Water. It was all around her. But that was okay. She had no trouble breathing.
There was a light at the end of the tunnel that she was swimming through. She felt drawn to it. With a few flicks of her tail – it didn’t surprise her that she was a mermaid; why should it? – and strokes of her arm, she was at the end, and entered a chamber filled with light.
And she saw…
She saw…
No matter how hard she tried, she could never recall what her mermaid self saw when she swam to the end of that tunnel. The dream had graced her nights (and daydreams, for that matter) for as far back as she could remember. As she opened her eyes, she let out a sigh. Again, the vision stubbornly trickled away through her fingers. It was getting a bit annoying.
The sunlight poured in through the glass louvre windows. She’d forgotten to close the curtains before going to bed. Maybe if she’d done that, she wouldn’t have been so rudely awakened by the Sun, and would have
:iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 3
Digimon Reboot - Chapter 3 (Text)
Chapter 3: No Time for Jet lag
From one chaotic environment into another. This one, though, was less so, thankfully. Baby digimon were crying all around Cal and the others. And the strange disembodied voice didn’t make it any easier to get some sort of equilibrium.
They were in a large hallway with metallic walls that were a dull blue colour. There were doors on either side, and it seemed to Cal like it was the cargo bay of some large aircraft. As Cal looked around, the AkelaGarurumon shadow copies lasted for just a few moments more, and then flickered out of existence one by one, like light bulbs separated from their power source.
“I asked a question,” the voice said again. “What happened in the Nursery?!”
“It was attacked,” answered Cal. “We don’t know by who. Or what.”
“I know that much,” the female voice snapped. “But it’s impossible for any Nursery to be breach
:iconkenliano:Kenliano 0 0
Digimon Reboot - Chapter 2 (Text)
Chapter 2: A Wolf and His Cubs
“It’s okay, small one, you’re safe now.”
The voice was directed at Ari. That got her to stop screaming. It was a deep voice that sounded, somehow, both rough as gravel and smooth as river stones. And it came from none other than the grey and black canine monster.
She’d stopped screaming, but still she whimpered, and shivered. Babbu, on the other hand, had calmed beside her, looking with eager dark eyes at the huge wolf head that hung before them.
“I am AkelaGarurumon,” he continued, addressing not just Ari now, but all of them. “That Mikemon—” he pronounced it like mih-keh-mon “—is gone now. A newly evolved upstart hoping to get more power by preying on the weak, no doubt.” He shook his huge head. “She won’t be bothering you anymore.”
Cal took a quick look over his shoulder and saw the feline still running away in defeat, limping, yet st
:iconkenliano:Kenliano 1 0
My newest artwork. Please let me know what you think about them and how I can improve!


Digital Fantasy (Digimon x Final Fantasy) logo
I've had this idea for years, but never actually started working on it. Just like my newer idea Digimon: Duel Monsters. Maybe I'll try to write something for it this summer... 

What do you think? A Digimon/Final Fantasy crossover would be fun to write!


Digimon © Bandai, etc.
Final Fantasy © Square Enix
I've had an idea for a pic of Seto Kaiba and the Blues Eyes White Dragon for quite some time... But... when I look at the Blue Eyes and how complicated it is to draw... I get discouraged... 
My most recent drawing reminded me that time constraints and laziness are the enemy of making a picture the best that it can be. The next time I draw something, I'm doing to take the time and effort to make it better than anything I've ever drawn!
Ariel and Dory: To Swim or Not to Swim?
I haven't drawn in a while, and I'm actually please with how this one turned out... save for Ariel's bra shells, which could have been better. This is the first time I've drawn Ariel since I was a child, but I've had this (completely random) idea for months, and finally decided to draw it. Not sure if I got the sizing right... Wikipedia says they grow to 30 cm, and Dory is definitely an adult, so... I think it's about right. 

Of course, we all know that these two franchises are in two very different timelines, so this meeting is most definitely impossible, but it was still fun to draw.

Hope you like!

1 How to draw Dory:…
2 How to draw Ariel:…
3 How to draw Ariel in profile:…

The Little Mermaid © Walt Disney Pictures, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory © Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a Jamaican (prose fiction) writer, and blogger. I also do some drawing, primarily digital art. I hope that you see the growth that I intend to do as I go along. This page is mostly for my fanfiction works, but I also write original pieces, and do freelance writing as a side job.

I love learning languages; I'm learning Japanese, Jamaican Sign Language, and a bit of Hebrew.

Mi taak Patwa by Kenliano I'm learning Hebrew -male- by 1stClassStamps Nihongo o naratteimasu by 1stClassStamps I am learning JSL by Kenliano
The concept of reincarnation shows up in a few of the stories I know that feature Ancient Egypt. Off the top of my head, there's The Mummy Returns, my friend CaribbeanRose9's story Osiris Rising, and, of course, Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters. There is a bit of controversy over whether the Ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation, with some claiming they did and that "process is considered to take approximately 3000 years" ("Ancient Egyptian Reincarnation") and others claiming that this is an "erroneous conclusion" that "is based on references to Egyptian theories of transmigration of the soul made by ancient Greek writers" ("A Short History of Reincarnation Teachings").

Still, we know that it is a crucial aspect of the Yu-Gi-Oh! back-story, with Kaiba, Ishizu, Sugoroku (Solomon), Bakura, and Rishid (Odeon) all being reincarnations of Ancient Egyptian characters. What surprised me, though, is that even though this is clearly the case, we see these characters' preincarnations when Atem enters the Afterlife in the final episode!

Atem meets Priest Seto and the others

How can they be in the both Afterlife and in the present day world at the same time? Well, I think I have an explanation.

The Ancient Egyptians believed in various components of the human being: 
  1. The khat, the physical body
  2. The ka, a spiritual equivalent of the khat, which was the immortal life-force
  3. The ib, the heart, the seat of emotion, will, and thought
  4. The sheut, the shadow
  5. The ren, the name
  6. The ba, the personality
Upon death, the ka left the khat, and then was later reunited with the ba to form the akh. It is this unified form that enters the Afterlife. (Egyptian Mythology; "Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul"

Therefore, my theory is that it is not the entirety of one's person that is reincarnated in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but one or more of the person's components, probably ib, or the sheut, or both. That would explain why why the Ancient Egyptian characters we see in season 5 are in the Afterlife while their reincarnations are walking with the Earth. It would also explain why Kaiba can read the text on the Ra card, but has no conscious memory of his past life. It could also explain why Yuugi has such a resemblance to Atem (which suggests Atem is his preincarnation since that's how these things work in anime): Atem is the akh that was trapped in the Millennium Puzzle, while Yuugi has Atem's ib/sheut.

Of course, this does not explain why Bakura looks so much like Thief Bakura, which suggests he is Thief Bakura's reincarnation. The ib was thought to be weighed by Osiris, and devoured by Ammit, the divine demon, if the ib proved to be impure, heavier than the Feather of Ma'at (Order/Balance). The person would then either "cease to exist" ("Ammit") or "to become restless forever" ("Ammit, goddess of Egypt"), wandering the afterlife for eternity (depending on the source).

Surely, Theif Bakura's heart was not pure enough to enter Aaru, the paradise that awaited the pure and balanced. Perhaps there is no such judgement in Yu-Gi-Oh!, or some part of the person (the sheut?) survives and is reincarnated no matter what happens to the heart at judgement. Interestingly enough, present-day Bakura seems to have even inherited Thief Bakura's ren (name), unlike other reincarnated characters. 

So, to sum up: The present-day characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series are not reincarnations of the entirety of their preincarnations' make-up, but rather just a part or parts of them. Of course, this is just a theory, but one that I had fun contemplating. :) (Smile) 

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