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My newest artwork. Please let me know what you think about them and how I can improve!


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I'm a Jamaican (prose fiction) writer, and blogger. I also do some drawing, primarily digital art. I hope that you see the growth that I intend to do as I go along. This page is mostly for my fanfiction works, but I also write original pieces, and do freelance writing as a side job.

I love learning languages; I'm learning Japanese, Jamaican Sign Language, and a bit of Hebrew.

Mi taak Patwa by Kenliano I'm learning Hebrew -male- by 1stClassStamps Nihongo o naratteimasu by 1stClassStamps I am learning JSL by Kenliano
Tropical Magic

Ever since I first started reading Harry Potter, I have been trying on and off to develop an idea of how the Jamaican wizarding community might be, and considered writing a story about a Jamaican witch or wizard. Living in Jamaica, of course, not abroad. With the new expansions to the Potterverse in the form of the American, Asian, African, etc wizarding communities that Rowling has put on Pottermore and in the new Fantastic Beasts movie, I think there's pretty good reason to revisit that idea. 

I never really could come up with a conflict/plot worth expanding on, though... So... who knows if I'll ever write it.

Give the Gods back their Honour
Yami Standing DS 

For a long time, I've thought that the Egyptian God Cards/Cards of the Gods of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters were not... Egyptian enough. Not very true to the mythos. I mean, what does a sky/heavenly dragon have to do with Osiris? Why was the Obelisk chosen to be the Giant God Soldier? (Or Tormenter in the English verison.) Only the Winged Dragon of Ra seems to be a true reflection of the sun God; though it's a dragon, it looks avian (Ra is a falcon-headed god), has a spherical mode (a nod to the sun-disk), and has a phoenix mode (a nod to the daily resurrection of the god). 

So, what's the point of saying all of that? Well, I thought maybe I'd (re-)envision the idea of the Monsters of the Gods, and maybe invent some. I have the beginnings of concepts for monsters connected to Hapi (god of the Nile) and Ma'at (goddess of peace/order) already. Maybe, over time, I'll draw them and post them here. It should be fun!
  • Reading: Shadowshaper, by Daniel José Older




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I have read a fanfiction called Kodak Memories on Fanfiction.Net which was about Mai who was afraid that she might not be good enough for Anzu. So she travels the world to become a person she can feel happy about, so that one day she can face Anzu and be together with her. I kind of wanted to grasp the feelings of that moment so yeah, it might be a little bit too ooc considering the series. xD

I'm glad you still like the result! :hug:
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